Airdate: Barbra Streisand: Becoming an Icon

Later this month Foxtel Arts will screen the 2016 documentary Barbra Streisand: Becoming an Icon.

Barbra Streisand: Becoming An Icon shows the irrepressible rise of the “funny girl” to become the first female megastar, from her birth in 1942 to the “Yentl” consecration in 1983. At the same time, it showcases the exceptional phenomenon of a star being born and an icon being made, who would both greatly influence future artist generations and personify feminist and gay causes.

Monday April 24 at 7.30pm on Foxtel Arts.


  1. I remember seeing her on Broadway in her first show ever ” I can get it for you wholesale ” a musical about the NYC garment district. She had only one song and stopped the show. I knew then she was destined for greater things. Can’t wait to watch this.

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