Airdate: Cooper’s Treasure

Discovery will air “space treasure hunt” series Cooper’s Treasure which uses a map created by 1960s astronaut Gordon Cooper, who spotted possible shipwrecks in our oceans whilst he was orbiting the Earth.

Now the only man he entrusted with the map, family friend Darrell Miklos, is on the hunt for Discovery.

“Gordon was right on the money, so to speak. Everything that he pointed out to me on the files, as well as the coordinates on the treasure map from space, actually, each and every one of those that I’ve investigated thus far have been proven to be positive, as far as shipwreck material and historical information,’” said Darrell Miklos.

One of the ‘Original 7’ astronauts of the 1960s, Gordon Cooper was a space pioneer, setting a record that still holds today for the longest solo space flight in US history. In the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cooper was sent on a secret mission for the US Department of Defense to search for nuclear sites. While he was scouring the globe he discovered something else: shipwrecks. It was to be a secret that he would keep for over 40 years.

Utilising long-range detection equipment from space, Cooper spotted hundreds of unidentified objects of interest in the shallow waters and reefs in the Caribbean. Ruling out the possibility that these were nuclear sites, he started to map out all the dark patches of water. Working for decades in secret, using the information he collected while orbiting the Earth, Cooper created a document that he thought could lead to unimaginable wealth – a treasure map from space. Not only that, Cooper’s findings led him to believe that he may have stumbled upon a missing part of history; the lost fleet of Christopher Columbus.

Before he passed away, Cooper shared his secret with his long-time friend Darrell Miklos in the hope that the exploration would continue and the mystery would finally be solved. Now, the one man Gordon Cooper trusted has the research and evidence, together with the map from space, and is setting out to once and for all accomplish his friend’s long-held dream – to uncover the world’s greatest treasures.

With the prospect of a history-making discovery and unimaginable wealth on the horizon, Cooper’s Treasure aims to uncover the truth – and the treasure – proving to the world that the mysterious documents hold the key for a new generation of explorers.

Thursday 4 May at 9.30pm on Discovery.

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    One has to wonder why Cooper never actually did anything about trying to physically locate all of these caches of treasure. Perhaps he was distracted by all those flying saucers that he claimed he saw.

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