Airdate: Pacific Heat

TEN will screen Working Dog’s animated cop show Pacific Heat next month.

Paired with the return of Have You Been Paying Attention? this was produced for Foxtel’s Comedy Channel, set on the Gold Coast.

TEN has previously screened Comedy Channel’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia.

The Gold Coast is a glamorous, sophisticated, sun-drenched paradise. But beneath the coconut oil lies a hotbed of crime. From drug smugglers and bikie gangs to radical eco-extremists and the person who invented frozen yoghurt, The Gold Coast really has it all.

In order to tackle this seedy underbelly, local police authorities established an unconventional and uncompromising undercover squad of highly-trained operatives, known as Pacific Heat.

Tonight, the team goes undercover at a strip club in order to find the man behind a major drug importation ring.

Monday, 8 May, 9:30 pm on TEN.


  1. I’ve seen a couple of these. Is the back end of the series better than the start of it? I’ll suggest the front end of it is fairly light on….

  2. I think it might work mainly as it follows HYBPA (also a Working Dog show) and I would think that there would be a reasonably sized overlap in those who would watch HYBPA and Pacific Heat.

  3. This is among the stupidest decisions that TEN has made lately, and they’ve been making a lot of stupid decisions. While The Simpsons languishes on ELEVEN, TEN could have taken a (small) gamble and brought back what was once their flagship show to their primary channel and air it alongside new episodes of Bob’s Burgers and Pacific Heat (the U.S. shows each have about 3 new episodes left to air, so it’s not too late).

    It would be a nice surprise to see this perform well, but TEN abandoned the demographic for this sort of material too long ago.

    • I half agree, But Ten tried New Simpsons again and it didn’t work, but this would seem more suited paired up with Animation Domination on Eleven while the new episodes are still running. But what do we know….

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