‘Axed’: The Odd Couple

Matthew Perry gets the bad news in a very unsubtle way.

Last week Matthew Perry told his Twitter followers The Odd Couple was as good as cancelled.

Failing a miracle by CBS the show ends at 3 series and 38 episodes.

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  1. But it was “Australia’s Favourite Comedy” according to Ten… before they yanked it off the air for a year

    Hopefully Thomas Lennon will become a regular now on Lethal Weapon. He played Leo Getz (Joe Pesci’s character from the film series) in a recent episode

  2. Agree with Zoodle, I was surprised it was renewed for a second, let alone third season. I watched the first season and a half out of loyalty to Matthew Perry but it was a hard slog. It felt so dated with the canned laughter and multi cameras. And it just wasn’t funny. I hope Matthew and Thomas Lennon get offered roles in something more edgy, I really like them both although Thomas is probably the funnier of the two, I think Matthew is more suited to drama these days, he slid into Chandler mode quite a bit in The Odd Couple.

  3. This is one of those shows, like Till Death, that makes one wonder just how it managed to survive past its first season, let alone having multiple seasons under its belt.

    They may as well have rebooted Bosom Buddies instead, or would that not fly nowadays?

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