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The votes are in on TV Tonight’s Binge survey -just in time for the Easter long weekend.

180 surveys were completed choosing your favourite Drama and Comedy titles that you watch in marathon binge sessions.

The Americans has been voted your favourite Hidden Gem that Deserves More Viewers.

This is Us managed to top the list on International Drama on Free to Air. Newcomers Big Little Lies and Riverdale were also popular.

Fan favourite Wentworth was a clear favourite in the Australian Drama on Pay TV while some could not decide on a clear winner on Free to Air –Offspring was runner up.

There were several readers who voted “None” in some categories, notably amongst Comedy. It likely means readers didn’t feel there were any worthy contenders -but it could also mean some could not vote in  Pay TV / Streaming categories.

On the nostalgia side Buffy the Vampire Slayer ruled as the top former series to binge.

Australian Drama on Free to Air
House Husbands / 800 Words
Doctor Doctor

Australian Comedy on Free to Air
Upper Middle Bogan
Please Like Me

International Drama on Free to Air

This Is Us
The Night Manager

International Comedy on Free to Air
Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory
The Goldbergs

Australian Drama on Pay TV
A Place to Call Home
The Kettering Incident
Secret City

Australian Comedy on Pay TV

Pacific Heat

International Drama on Pay TV
Big Little Lies
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead / The Americans

International Comedy on Pay TV
Girls/ Broad City
Togetherness / The Mick

Australian Drama on Streaming
Wolf Creek

Australian Comedy on Streaming
No Activity
Please Like Me
The Moodys

International Drama on Streaming
The Crown
13 Reasons Why
Stranger Things

International Comedy on Streaming
Grace and Frankie
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Santa Clarita Diet

Former Series worth Bingeing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The West Wing
Twin Peaks
Breaking Bad

Hidden Gem that Deserves More Viewers
The Americans
This is Us / The Goldbergs / Scandal / Crazy Ex Girlfriend / Broadchurch


  1. I’m a flight attendant and I’m always looking at what people are watching on their devices. When Game Of Thrones is on, that’s all people watch. Same – surprisingly, I think – goes for Modern Family. Right now, there’s nothing standing out other than Archer. I’m currently seeing everything from (the movie) Inception to Coronation Street and The Newsroom.

  2. The first episode of This Is Us was brilliant but it hasn’t held up for me. Since the concept was established it’s become a bit like every other forgettable drama. I want to stick with it until the end of the season to see if it builds back up, but I’m finding the character development slow going, and I really dislike Kevin.

  3. I rewatched The Wire and Man Men in the last year. Both stand up to repeated viewings. I binge-watched The Crown and I think you have to be over 50 to really appreciate it. If you’re younger you, mistakenly, take it as documentary, if you lived though it you’ll realise it’s a reimagining.. like Jesus Christ Superstar is to Easter.

  4. I would now add Seven Type of Ambiguity to that list now all episodes are in iView for streaming this weekend!!!
    Aussie drama at its total best!!!

  5. timmydownawell

    I have watched quite a few eps of This Is Us, but, I dunno, it’s really lacking something. It’s no Brothers & Sisters that’s for sure. Google up a review entitled “I Tried To Get On Board With This Is Us – & I Just Can’t” and this sums up my feelings exactly.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      You’re not alone. It didn’t grab me either. Didn’t mind Brothers & Sisters. Think I stuck with that for 3 seasons before I’d had my fill. It was helped by some good acting.

      • Agree re: This is Us. I’m still watching but undecided if I will keep watching. There are only two or three characters in it that I like and I find the content of most episodes quite depressing.

  6. I’m glad to see Buffy, This Is Us and Riverdale recognised on here

    I didn’t vote but I’d throw 12 Monkeys into the mix as a good binge series. The Flash and Arrow are fun too

  7. I forgot to vote I would have said The Shield or Castle. Agree with Buffy I just started rewatching that not long ago also agree with The Mick it’s the best new comedy since Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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