Confronting episode of Bondi Rescue

Next week TEN has slated a very confronting episode of Bondi Rescue on Tuesday night.

The episode contains dramatic footage which tests the lifesavers physically and emotionally.

In one of Bondi Rescue’s most emotional and powerful episodes ever, the boys in blue tackle the most serious rescue seen on the beach for over 70 years.

Jethro is on duty in the tower when he spots a group of five swimmers struggling in the notorious section of the beach known as backpacker’s rip.

Lifeguards Singlets, Corey, Wally and Chappo head straight into the water for the mass rescue but when they get to the struggling swimmers, the situation is desperate. Two of the swimmers, a man and a woman, both from the same Norwegian family, are unconscious in the water, neither showing signs of life.

Fighting massive waves and strenuous rips, it is a bitter struggle for these highly skilled lifeguards to get the two swimmers back to shore to begin resuscitations.

With Kerrbox waiting on shore, the lifeguards use every last surge of energy performing CPR while they wait for the paramedics. Desperate to save the two lives, the determined and courageous lifeguards do not give up hope, and fight on until the very last minute.

7:30pm Tuesday on TEN.

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  1. I remember seeing this on the news.

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