Connie’s thrill as Sam Johnson wins

Connies reaction – Silver Logie

A broken TV = crowding around an iPhone – a priceless reaction! Now is awesome! – Love you Con and Sam! Love the Village.xo

Posted by Love Your Sister on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Not even a broken TV would stop Connie from watching her brother Sam Johnson win at the Logie Awards, last night crowding around an iPhone to watch him take Gold and Silver for Molly.

Connie and the Love Your Sister village were instrumental in getting him to the finish line and it was a moment she would not miss.

“My sister is succumbing finally to the perils of cancer after a three-decade long tussle and rather than rolling over she is going out blazing with an attempted world record for the longest line of coins,” Johnson told the Crown Palladium audience.

“She is putting together a row of coins in the shape of a love heart — the biggest love heart this country has ever seen made in five cent pieces from cancer families all around the country with the entire proceeds going directly to our scientists and researchers — no skimming, no admin.

“It is only $2.90 for one metre of five cent coins. The heart is being laid in 12 days and on behalf of my beautiful sister Connie, who I’d like to dedicate this award to, I’d like to urge everyone watching, affected by cancer or not, to join us in our quest to keep families safe from the terrors of cancer.”

But his Gold Logie win was upstaged by an incoherent Molly Meldrum, denying Johnson a chance to join a rollcall of classic Logie speeches.

Johnson also told media, “I’m not a TV personality, I am a Facebook personality and as far as I can tell even if you factor in the viewing numbers of Molly and even if you factor in Molly’s inherent iconography, it doesn’t explain me being in that [Gold Logie] category. To me, our lovely Sister village had a lot to do with it and I am so annoyed I didn’t have the presence of mind to acknowledge them. I had it all planned. This about Connie for me … and the village who wanted their snotty-nosed brother to give it a crack.”

Source: Herald Sun


  1. “But his Gold Logie win was upstaged by an incoherent Molly Meldrum, denying Johnson a chance to join a rollcall of classic Logie speeches.”

    Was it though? Certainly, Meldrum was incoherent. But Sam ultimately gave quite a good speech — one much more interesting than a mundane list of thank yous — and if it was cut short it was on his own accord.

    It was clear Meldrum was happy to let Sam have his moment, and it wasn’t till Sam threw his cue cards in the air and called over to Molly that things really went downhill…

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