Deadwood movie edges closer to revival

Cursing US western, the now defunct-Deadwood, is inching closer to a revival in the form on an HBO movie.

Previously hinted at in 2015, the project had gone quiet of late, but star Ian McShane has told TV Line, a “two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO.

“If they don’t deliver [a finished product], blame them.”

McShane, who has a starring role in American Gods on Amazon, says he’s spoken to creator David Milch “about some of” the script. “I’ll be seeing him for lunch [soon],” he continued. “We’d all love to do it… It would be nice to see all of the old gang again.”

In January HBO programming exec Casey Bloys said, “I haven’t read [Milch]’s script yet.

“I know he’s working on it. But I have not seen anything yet.”

Milch is also working on a potential third season of True Detective with creator Nic Pizzolatto.

Deadwood ran for 3 seasons from 2004 to 2006.


  1. The reason it was cancelled was the production cost-a large scale period recreation with extensive outdoor sets, horses and many extras was too much for an on going TV series-similar costs did for ‘Rome’ as well.

  2. F*** Yeah!!!!!!!!!

    This is awesome news. I love this show… Al Swearengen is one of the best TV characters ever… I hope this gets the green light.

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