Ellen reflects on 20 years since coming out

On Monday Ellen DeGeneres will mark the 20th Anniversary of the “coming out” episode of her sitcom Ellen.

This will include appearances by Laura Dern, who appeared in the famous “Puppy” episode, and Oprah Winfrey.

12pm Monday on Nine.


  1. Does anyone know the date the Ellen’s Coming Out episode aired in Oz?
    I actually came out to my parents right after watching it on Ch7.
    Sadly, not a barrel of laughs, but I’m forever grateful for Ellen, as millions are. I can’t thing of any other TV sitcom episode that has had such a profound social impact.

    • It aired on Seven, not ten or nine, quite some time after news broke of this episode, could even have been the next year. It’s a shame that it’s so hard to source Australian air dates for things.

  2. timmydownawell

    Did Nine ever end up airing that episode? They dropped the show like a hot potato the moment she came out, as I recall, claiming it wasn’t anything to do with that, it just wasn’t rating well enough to air any more. Yeah, right.

  3. maybe a network should re-show the sitcom Ellen to commemorate this moment. No-one ever mentions the show any more, it’s almost like it never existed.

    • I loved the sitcom!! My housemates at uni and I watched it together, and still have a few quotes that we go to: “Audrey, I like you. I like being with you. We’re friends. But there’s a wall. We’re Friends, but there’s a wall!!”

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