Grant Denyer returns to Family Feud filming

Action-man-turned-TV host (or is it the other way around?) Grant Denyer was back before the cameras this week, filming new Family Feud episodes, including a special Star Wars edition to screen on May the 4th.

Denyer has been nursing broken bones, including a broken sacrum, following a crash during the Australian Rally Championships.

Family Feud production was halted following the incident in late March but has resumed with 2 episodes of filming a day, down from the usual 5.

Word is that Denyer has risen to the challenge well, showing little more than a bandaged finger on set.

It’s a big weekend ahead with Denyer nominated for a Gold and Silver Logie.

“It will be a snail’s pace on the red carpet — I’ll be the first one to start and the last one to finish,” he told News Corp.

“Just getting to the Logies has been a real challenge. I couldn’t have done it without Cheryl.

“I’m aware that I am a husband and a father and I also owe it to my employers (to stay healthy).”

At yesterday’s filming fans were treated to a board game, pizza and soft drinks.


  1. I wanted to ask similar question about Grant and the filming schedule. I assumed it was only a few weeks at most ahead of transmission as Grant always throws to programming ahead on a given night, and seeing as Ten changes that a lot, it seemed recent. I wondered if they were running repeats until he was well enough to resume. I like Grant. I hope he bounces back (he’s a little like Tony Barber) the way he moves!

  2. Nice guy and good to see him back.

    I hate to delve into this, but uh, what would have happened with the show, if say the injury may’ve been more serious? Are there contingencies? Fill in hosts etc?

    Peter Luck maybe? Gotta find someone who won’t take your job *thanks Frontline*

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