Jessica Marais: “Rebecca Gibney, a survivor in a tough industry”

Last weekend Love Child & Wrong Girl star Jessica Marais was reunited with Rebecca Gibney on stage, when she won her second Silver Logie award.

Marais was asked during the week about the reunion with her former Packed to the Rafters star, a bond she likened to a mother-daughter relationship.

“She was just saying ‘I’m so proud of you. Love you lots, when can I see you?’ We were straight back to being friends and acknowledging the industry,” Marais recalled.

But she also noted Gibney’s influence on her during the Seven series runs much deeper than she had realised.

“She’s certainly had a long career and she started really young. I’ve always looked at her career as a mentor position, but I don’t think I fully understood it until recently. I sort of thought ‘Great, she’s worked, she’s blonde and blue-eyed, and warm and funny’ and all of that.

“But to watch how she’s probably had to master that career and survive in a really tough industry is amazing.”

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