Married at First Sight tops Nine’s year, Seven wins Sunday.

Ratings: Conflict pushes Nine show to the top of the heap, but it's a slow recovery for TEN.

It may be copping criticism for its filming tactics, but viewers have again shown they are drawn to the fireworks of Married at First Sight, last night nabbing its highest-ever ratings across all 4 seasons.

It drew 1.38m viewers, topping My Kitchen Rules on 1.25m which rose from last Sunday’s 1.14m. It was also Nine’s biggest audience so far this year.

60 Minutes also rose for Nine, and running 20 minutes earlier than Sunday Night helped it to beat its rival.

TEN’s Sunday woes continue, albeit with a slight improvement on last week. Modern Family managed 431,000 up from 393,000 but Bull was down.

Without Vera ABC took a dip, but That Sugar Film helped SBS lift on last week.

Seven network won Sunday with 33.0% then Nine 31.6%, ABC 14.9%, TEN 13.0% and SBS 7.5%.

My Kitchen Rules led for Seven with 1.25m viewers then Seven News (1.24m) and Sunday Night (764,000). In Cold Blood: The Chris Lane Story was 375,000.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.38m viewers followed by Nine News (1.22m) and 60 Minutes (830,000). Lethal Weapon drew 282,000 / 179,000.

ABC News (703,000), Grand Designs (547,000) and Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala (447,000) comprised ABC’s night but My Year 12 Life and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery rpt were both 107,000.

Modern Family episodes pulled 431,000 / 410,000 for TEN then Bull (373,000), Bondi Rescue (335,000), TEN Eyewitness News (302,000), NCIS: New Orleans (233,000) and Family Feud (228,000).

On SBS it was That Sugar Film (288,000), Britain’s Ancient Capital: Orkney (241,000), SBS World News (202,000) and Nazi Megastructures (130,000).

ABC2′ Floogals topped multichannels with 183,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 2 April 2017

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  1. Not watching either MKR or MAFS, and Modern Family lost its appeal seasons ago so left on Top Gun as my wife loves that movie then watched 60 Minutes and Sunday Night from recordings thereafter.

    Who’d have thought we’d be watching a movie from 1986 on a Sunday night prime time in 2017?!

    1. Early evening I was catching up on stuff on the pvr till around 7.30pm and then I turned the tv off because Bull didn’t start till 8pm thinking I would go back to watch and I didn’t. So the tv stayed off last night. One of the shows I was catching up on was the biggest loser and the show now having much less women then men is making me lose a bit of interest. What’s going to happen when makeovers occur? Women doing makeovers is better viewing then men.

  2. Surely doesn’t help TEN by not adjusting their EPG in line with daylight savings.
    Recorder # 2 kicked off at 6.30 to record the 7.30 screening of Modern Family last night.
    Checked the EPG and all other stations (including TEN’s Newcastle offering, SCATV) were accurate.

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