Nine takes quiet Thursday

Ratings: Home and Away tops entertainment shows on a night when News is the only drawcard over a million viewers.

As Thursdays go it was a pretty uneventful evening.

Only news services topped the magic million, with Home and Away the highest-ranking entertainment show of the night at 745,000 viewers, although it was pipped by A Current Affair at 817,000 viewers.

TEN’s MasterChef special at 7:30 pulled 453,000 viewers ahead of the season return on Monday.

The Checkout was down on last week’s 597,000 and it’s hard to get a true grasp on Seven Types of Ambiguity given the whole thing is available on iview -but in raw TV numbers 397,000 is disappointing for such a fine show.

Nine’s Footy Show was nothing to get excited about, even accounting for the late outing of the NRL edition.

Medici: Masters of Florence  launched to 240,000 on SBS.

Nine network won with 29.8% then Seven 27.9%, TEN 17.5%, ABC 16.0% and SBS 8.8%.

Nine News was #1 with 1.02m / 998,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (817,000), Hot Seat (489,000 / 281,000), Thursday Night NRL (457,000 in 2 cities), The Footy Show (437,000) and RBT (353,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News (1.01m / 984,000) led for Seven then Home and Away (745,000), The Chase (606,000 / 378,000), Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy (455,000), and Wedding Surprises Caught on Camera (439,000).

The Project (538,000 / 330,000) was best for TEN followed by TEN Eyewitness News (455,000), MasterChef Australia: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Food (453,000), Law and Order: SVU (384,000 / 236,000) and Family Feud (319,000).

ABC News (732,000), 7:30 (542,000), The Checkout (517,000) and Seven Types of Ambiguity (397,000) comprised ABC’s night. Restoration Man was just 212,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (309,000), Medici: Masters of Florence (240,000),  Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong (225,000) and SBS World News (158,000).

No stopping Peter Rabbit atop multichannels at 243,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 27 April 2017

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  1. The Shine has come off Masterchef…. surely this could’ve done much much better! Thursday night, no competition…. not a good look at all. They better hope their big hitter is in for the game of the networks life

  2. “Seven Types of Ambiguity … 397,000 is disappointing for such a fine show.”

    I don’t think the show is anywhere near as bad as Hiding, but it suffers from an annoying level of earnestness and pretentiousness. Is it compulsory in Australian TV for everyone to be so glum all the time? This is what separates our shows from the best international shows. Oh, and the fact that nothing actually happens in them.

      1. I agree with you David. Firstly, viewer numbers to Ten have been down, so fewer people would have known the Masterchef special was on, and secondly even the EPG on my Fetch Box listed the program for 7.30 on Ten as ‘To be advised”. Masterchef will pull good numbers against The Voice and House Rules.

        1. Ten network executives are excited to breathless to announce the latest in their stable of stripped reality franchises that has taken the TV industry by storm worldwide – their new format called “To Be Advised” is a gripping insight into the world of a struggling commercial free to air network with viewers numbers and advertising revenue falling off a cliff, and their industry totally disrupted by superior content from overseas competitors. Watch as a bunch of programmers spin the wheel of programming misfortune and pitch their tired reality franchise formats and edited stuff stolen off YouTube internet videos around a ever decreasing budget pool, who will win their timeslot? Who will have to resort to overseas filler first? Who will win the week with 2 in 10 households watching FTA commercial TV in that all important 7:30-8:30pm Monday night timeslot? Whats on TV for the rest of the…

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