Oops. 25 years in TV?

News Corp today has an article The Voice and Today Extra host Sonia Kruger celebrates 25 years in TV by spilling her secrets.

It references her first role as Tina Sparkle in Strictly Ballroom 1992 -except that was not in Television.

According to IMDb her first TV role was as an Entertainment Reporter on Sunrise from 2000 – 2002.

While 25 years in Entertainment is worth acknowledging, including some great ad libs on Dancing with the Stars, that’s a total of 17 in Television.

Updated: Televisionau comes to the rescue with an old TV Week edition noting Sonia joined Wonder World in November 1994. So there we are!  Sub editors have now amended their headline. Reckon Julia Morris has the best strategy…. “75 years in the biz!”


  1. IMDB misses a lot of stuff – the article should have mentioned her first TV role being a full fime cast member/reporter on Nine’s Wonder World from 1993-1996, along with Catriona Rowntree, Tony Johnston, Pascall Fox

  2. Whilst Sonia has been around a long time, I remember her mostly at Seven on Dancing with the Stars & presenting/hosting various events (e.g.) Olympics.

    I can’t imagine she’s been in TV for that long?

  3. She was also a reporter in the revamped ‘Wonder World’ (without Simon Townsend) that Nine picked up in 1992 and ran for around three years, although I’m not sure when she actually started within those three years.

    • That was in the late 90s, I have a VHS copy of her presenting the weather on the final edition of Eleven AM in 1999.

      She was appointed as a reporter for Wonder World in 1994.

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