Panama Papers report wins Pulitzer Prize

Four Corners joins in the accolades for a global investigation that spanned 300 reporters across six continents.

An international investigation, spanning 300 reporters across six continents including ABC’s Four Corners and the Australian Financial Review participation, has won a Pulitzer Prize.

Columbia University today announced that the Panama Papers investigative collaboration won the 2017 Pulitzer prize for “a distinguished example of explanatory reporting that illuminates a significant and complex subject”.

Four Corners was a partner in the investigation, and worked closely with ABC News’ National Reporting Team and ABC News Online to bring the story to the Australian audience. It was also nominated for a Walkley Award.

Executive Producer Sally Neighbour said: “Four Corners was proud and privileged to be a part of this landmark international investigative project. We would like to thank the ICIJ and Süddeutsche Zeitung for inviting us to join their collaboration.”

The story about how the wealthy hid billions of dollars offshore through a little known law firm in Panama is also the subject of an upcoming Netflix film, to be produced by John Wells.

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