Petition demanding Doctor Blake Mysteries be saved hits 10,000 and climbing

A petition calling for The Doctor Blake Mysteries to be saved from the axe has now eclipsed 10,000 signatures.

The petition initiated by ardent fan Kylie Ferguson has eclipsed one at for A Place to Call Home, which drew 7624 supporters.

That series was rescued by Foxtel after Brian Walsh answered the plea of its many fans. But the future for Dr. Blake may be a tougher road.

With its predominantly older audience, its chances of being picked up by a commercial broadcaster appear slim, while Foxtel would be wary of being perceived as picking up the remains of Free to Air titles when it already has new drama submissions awaiting a green light.

Star Craig McLachlan took to social media following the announcement, saying “Friends, my glorious crew and I were ready to rock …what does that tell ya?

“There really is no business quite like show business.”

ABC called time on the series by announcing a final telemovie, despite it being their highest rating local drama, while newer works such as Newton’s Law are dwarfed in audience size.

Earlier today ABC announced a contemporary new crime drama Harrow to be filmed in Queensland.

You can still sign the petition here.


  1. People are never satisfied, there is 1 series and a telemovie to come. Wait and see what happens!
    Lets hope we don’t end up like the US 22 episodes and 10+ seasons and they keep flogging that dead horse. This is why i like British programmes most are quick to the point, no filler and they leave you wanting more.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Unfortunately this is a pickle for the ABC. They only get so many drama allocation slots to fit in the budget and if they renew every program then there is never anything new on air. I remember there were quite a few complaints on this site after Janet King, Jack Irish, Rake, The Code etc were all renewed as there was nothing fresh just a rehash of past years.

  3. Whilst you’re waiting to see what happens you can get your Dr Blake fix at the Dr Blake exhibition. Currently showing at The Gold Museum, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.

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