Renewed: The X-Files

The truth is still out there, with another round of The X-Files now approved in the USA.

FOX has confirmed 10 new episodes for the 2017-18 US season with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both reprising FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Creator and executive producer Chris Carter is on board as well, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

The news comes despite mixed reactions to the 2016 revival, which screened in Australia on TEN.

“Iconic characters, rich storytelling, bold creators — these are the hallmarks of great TV shows,” said FBC president David Madden. “And they are some of the reasons why The X-Files has had such a profound impact on millions of fans worldwide.

“Chris’ creativity, along with the brilliant work of David and Gillian, continue to propel this pop culture phenomenon, and we can’t wait to see what fresh mysteries Mulder and Scully uncover in this next chapter of The X-Files.


  1. I think short series shows are becoming the norm or alternatively shown in 2 blocks. The last series was one of the best in my view. Like Mulder we all have doubts and suspicious about government cover ups. When it comes to aliens well we all have our theories. Answers will never come to pass cause there are no answers and little in the way of proof. That is what drives the show, the search for answers. As it states…the truth is out there. I for one can’t wait.

  2. Last season of X Files occasionally looked like a money in the bank job for the leading actors, especially David Duchovny, the story line looked as if it were searching for rather than finding the kudos of the past. That said, as an former fan of the early show, when it returned to the extraterrestrial plot, I quite enjoyed the nostalgia.

  3. I reckon this will probably be the last series and or film of the x-files. I don’t think any further films will happen, the 2nd one was awful, and both of the leads are not getting any younger, nor want to keep playing mulder/scully for ever , nor will fox want to keep doing 10 episodes here and 6 episodes there etc, so I expect some closure in this up coming season.

    • I wouldn’t count on it just yet. David is still keen to do it, as is Gillian. FOX are keen for anything that has a solid fanbase such as X-Files.

      I agree there probably won’t be any more movies, but now that the shortened event series format has become mainstream, no reason why the show couldn’t keep coming back from time to time.

      That being said, I do hope we get more resolutions and answers in this next series and less with the frustrating open-ended questions. I could also do without Chris Carter’s retconning the entire mythology of the show again.

  4. Great news, I was pleasantly surprised how good last years season was. Looking forward to see what comes next and how they’ll continue the cliffhanger ending.

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