Returning: An Idiot Abroad

Season 3 with Karl Pilkington follows the path of Marco Polo.

It’s been a long time coming but Season 3 of An Idiot Abroad with Karl Pilkington will screen on ABC2 next week.

The series which aired in the UK in 2012 follows the path of Marco Polo.

The third season doesn’t feature Stephen Merchant but includes Warwick Davis. There are 3 rather than 8 episodes.

After sending Karl Pilkington to see the Seven Wonders, and then on a journey of a lifetime to experience the ultimate ‘Things To Do Before You Die’, Ricky Gervais persuades Karl to go on ‘one last job’ and embark on an epic journey following the footsteps of famous explorer Marco Polo along the Silk Route from Italy to China. But this time, to help Karl with the loneliness of being away from home, Ricky’s arranged for his mate, Warwick Davis, to keep him company.

Over the course of a 5000-mile journey from Venice to Eastern Europe, India and China, follow Karl and Warwick as they get stuck into different cultures and traditions, illuminated by Karl’s trademark observations about the world and Warwick’s varying experiences as a little person in different countries.

Ricky couldn’t have picked more perfect travelling companions. He said: “Karl once said to me that opposites attract. Warwick Davis is sociable, hardworking and never complains. They should get along fine.”

Episode one: Venice to Macedonia –
Karl and Warwick start their journey in Venice, where Marco Polo began the same trip 800 years before. They experience a traditional Venetian Masked Ball and a risqué ‘pleasure machine’, before Karl arranges to have a ride on a water jet pack that almost ends disastrously. Ricky arranges a short cut through Macedonia where Karl and Warwick are looked after by a gypsy family, before they come across an unusual local religion whose beliefs and practices revolve around piercing their bodies with metal skewers. Shocked by what they’ve seen, Ricky arranges for Karl to go on a fun flight across the Macedonian countryside suspended by giant helium balloons. But when the balloons fail to lift Karl off the ground, Karl forces a reluctant Warwick to fly instead.

Tuesday April 11 at 8.50pm on ABC2.

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