Returning: House Rules

Seven has made a surprise scheduling move for House Rules, slating it at 7pm Sunday night -surprising because it means the My Kitchen Rules finale is pushed back to 8pm.

Strategically it means House Rules avoids launching directly against MasterChef on Monday night. That could be good news for both shows, although both will be against Nine’s Voice which launched well on Monday.

Nobody understands furnishings, fabrics and fashion more than our flamboyant judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Born with an innate instinct for colours, trends, textures and design, his ability to unleash endless possibilities in any home is second to none.

Laurence, not subtle in his taste, or opinions features for the first time on Australian free to air TV excited to pass on his highly sought-after expertise whilst unearthing contestants’ talents for working with colour, light and texture.

Drew Heath started his architecture business in 1996, specialising in organic handmade and handcrafted building designs. Drew has won numerous awards for his buildings which have an aura of calm and raw understated elegance. His buildings are influenced by his love of nature, creating a sense of well-being and calm. House Rules is his first foray into television with the exception of a few appearances connected to his work.

House Rules was a ratings smash in 2016, averaging more than 1.57 million combined viewers across Australia. More than two million people tuned in to see Queensland twins Luke and Cody win and realise their dream home.

7pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Hmm, evil judge, demolish whole house, women bagging men scenario even though they do all the hard work while all they do is shop for cushions. W*nker pretty boy tradie in love with himself (Tumblr anyone) and to quote Griggs, Geek twins!!! WTF. I never realised wearing glasses made you a geek. If they were female blond twins and pronounced as the bimbo twins…the furore that would ensue…Double standards Channel 7 and your pandering to the drones that watch your crap shows. I see through you and your tired attempts at manipulation.

  2. I have just returned from Asia where I saw Laurence in The Apartment: Rising Stars with Jamie Durie. What a Simon Cowell wannabe he is. Surely there was someone in Australia they could have got. Another reason not to watch House Rules.

  3. One of the best parts of HR has been its genuine Aussie-ness. There was no need to bring in an overseas unknown, whose personal style is contrary to the Aussie battler vibe of the show.

    Thanks for the reminder that it starts on Sunday – watch from 7-8pm then turn over to a recorded show.

  4. @ilovetv – Works for me – I have been avidly watching MKR and awaiting House Rules – and Looooove Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen 🙂 Hope he get some more air time during the construction rather than just the walk throughs

    • Well I guess this arrangement works well for you and I am happy for you. However I am thinking about those people who dip in and out of MKR. They will hear about the MKR finale assume it is on following the news. When they are introduced to house rules by a Purple Mop with a bad goatee, they will change the channel, watch somthing else and won’t comp back in an hour *cough*72 minutes*cough* when MKR is actually on.

  5. It puts the winner announced of MKR probably past 10pm which is not good – it will rate well but as others had said, they’ll be annoyed its not on at 7pm as usual. Those not wanting to watch HR but wanting to watch the MKR grand final will go elsewhere in the meantime – this could help the Voice.

    In reality, I think Seven have made this move more to avoid having the majority of the show clashing with The Voice on Nine which is off to a strong start.

  6. thedirtydigger

    Ah, great to see the Cultural Cringe is alive and well…so we have to import someone from Britain to justify our programmes…I doubt many House Rules viewers would even know who this self-styled fop is.

    • timmydownawell

      Joe and Wendy were so incredibly bland together… Joe: “I like it”; Wendy: “Me too”. The judging desperately needed an injection of personality and that’s what Seven is trying to do here. Yes, maybe they could have chosen an Aussie but at the end of the day a change was desperately needed.

  7. Also of note, the US comedy Trial & Error premieres after the MKR finale on Sunday. It stars John Lithgow and just wrapped up on NBC in America.

  8. We love house rules as a family show, the 4 of really enjoy sitting down together to watch, yes the old judge lacked personality, but I hope this guy isn’t just gonna destroy contestants because he can, or turn the homes into monstrosities, here is hoping..

  9. Surely most viewers will tune in expecting MKR and just be pissed off when it isn’t showing for another hour. That being said, it is the grand final, and it doesn’t seem to matter what Seven does. It does show how MKR is no longer untouchable though, even just last year, messing with MKR times would be unthinkable.

  10. I do not see this working well for either House Rules or MKR. People are expecting MKR at 7pm and when that guy in the photo above who is dressed like he is in the 70’s, they will change the channel.

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