RocKwiz keeping the brand alive while SBS delays

Much-loved music series RocKwiz is set to hit the road to keep the brand alive after SBS declined plans for a 2017 special.

Julia Zemiro, Brian Nankervis and producers Renegade will undertake a 35 date tour across the country in June and July to entertain fans. A TV series or special is not expected until the second half of 2018.

Renegade was hopeful of a 2017 special after SBS failed to greenlight a new series, but discussions were unsuccessful. RocKwiz remains one of SBS’ longest-standing brands, dating back to 2005 and even managing to outlast ABC’s Spicks and Specks.

Co-creator Brian Nankervis told TV Tonight, “The network are keen to do another series in the second half of 2018. So are we!

“In the meantime, we are embarking on a 35 date national tour through June and July and will continue to produce and perform a range of special event live shows … we performed ‘The Last Waltz Revisited’ in front of 2000 delirious festival goers at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, the Really Really Good Friday show played to a sold out crowd at Hamer Hall last Friday and we are planning a live Christmas-ish show for December.”

In recent years RocKwiz has been subjected to budget cuts, dropping from 14 to 6 episodes, and conspicuously absent from SBS Upfronts. Long-running network identity Julia Zemiro is now without an announced programme on SBS, after exiting Eurovision coverage.

An SBS spokesperson confirmed, “There is no change from our previous – we are in discussions re a special but likely not until next year.”


  1. Come on SBS. Get your priorities right. You’re letting rubbish like Undressed go to air, and neglecting one of your most loved shows!

  2. I don’t understand why SBS have treated RocKwiz with such disdain. It’s popular and surely relatively cheap to produce. To wait what will ultimately be at least 2 years between proper series is as good as abandonment. Very disappointing.

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