A-League final lifts SBS

Ratings: A-League Grand Final helps SBS to double figure shares. Seven and Nine tie on Sunday.

The A-League Grand Final pushed SBS to a 10.1% share, with 254,000 on VICELAND possibly its best figure so far for the multichannel.

But the main event on Sunday was the close tussle between Nine and Seven.

The Voice was down but it won its timeslot with 1.08m viewers. House Rules had its best figure since launch and managed second in its timeslot with 799,000 leaving Masterchef third at 767,000, its lowest so far.

There also wasn’t much change between 60 Minutes and Sunday Night, with Nine winning that battle too. Seven News won at 6pm.

While Nine edged ahead in primary channel figures, Seven’s multichannels helped to lift it to a network tie with both on 28.9%, followed by TEN 17.5% ABC 14.6% and SBS 10.1%.

The Voice led for Nine with 1.08m viewers then Nine News (1.06m), 60 Minutes (715,000) and The Boy with No Brain (366,000).

Seven News was #1 with 1.18m viewers then House Rules (799,000), Sunday Night (659,000) and The Suspects (461,000).

MasterChef Australia (767,000), Bull (384,000), TEN Eyewitness News (315,000), Modern Family (274,000), Family Feud (227,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (225,000) comprised TEN’s night.

On ABC it was ABC News (658,000), Grantchester (624,000), Doctor Who (417,000) and DCI Banks (316,000).

Secrets of the Lost Graveyard (230,000) topped SBS then Walt Disney (210,000) and SBS World News (173,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 7 May 2017

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  1. Silly silly ten . They need to do better at 630 for lead in to Masterchef or like many have said need to start Masterchef earlier. Great ratings for A league on both Foxtel and vice but yes eyeballs would have been greater with live coverage . Hopefully the next deal for FTA includes live coverage

    1. After reading the story, I was ready to comment that I think House Rules is lifting because the word is getting out that the new judge (Laurence) is actually very entertaining. I haven’t heard anybody say that he is annoying, and I was one who bagged him before I saw him. Eating my words now.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if HR continued to climb, especially on reveal nights.

  2. Imagine the audience numbers if the game was live.

    The 2017 aleague grand final was a cracker of a match between two of the more popular sides in the aleague. Its the kind of match that a league could and should use to promote its sport on free to air to a wider audience. Yet it was delayed due to a poor free to air agreement. Delayed broadcast, Missed Opportunity.

      1. Is it up to Foxtel to determine the free to air rights of the aleague or the ffa? You can’t assume its up to Foxtel, it depends on the agreement and what the ffa gave away. Though the way they run things it wouldn’t surprise me if the gave Foxtel that kind of control. That being said if your giving me a choice of 1 hour delay or nothing I would choose nothing. If the ffa wants the aleague to be a Foxtel only sport. That’s fine I won’t watch it anymore. Its not like the aleague has made it easy to follow. I’ve followed it the least this year cause they’ve made it too hard.

    1. The FFA made a dud deal. First of all they put the Free-to-air games on a channel nobody watches, put one hour FTA delays on all final matches, and let Fox Sports have exclusivity on derby games and first pick matches. These one hour delays have to stop, those SBS numbers are pitiful in retrospect what they could have got if they had shown it Live. Oh well another wasted opportunity for this underexposed, underappreciated, low TV rating code in this country.

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