Airdate: Apple Tree Yard

BBC First will premiere UK thriller Apple Tree Yard, adapted from the novel of the same name by Louise Doughty.

The 4 part mini series follows the story of Carmichael, an unhappily married forty-something scientist (Emily Watson), who begins a secret affair with Costley (Ben Chaplin) whilst being completely unaware of his true identity.

This debuted in the UK in January.

What could have brought Dr. Yvonne Carmichael, a law-abiding wife and mother, an eminent scientist, into a dock at the Old Bailey about to be exposed in a highly damaging and compromising lie?

Emily Watson leads a stellar line up in Bafta-winning Amanda Coe’s adaptation of Louise Doughty’s best-selling novel Apple Tree Yard.

Apple Tree Yard is a provocative, audacious thriller that puts women’s lives at the heart of a gripping, insightful story about the values we live by and the choices that we make. A ‘what if’ situation that could happen to any one of us.

Dr. Yvonne Carmichael has a high flying career, a beautiful suburban home and the perfect family. Smart, successful and highly renowned within her field of genetics, Yvonne has a conventional and apparently contented life, married to husband Gary, complete with two grown up children.

After confidently presenting to a Commons Select Committee on her specialist subject, she is approached by a charismatic and mysterious stranger, who seems refreshingly interested in what she has to say – refreshingly interested in her. Suddenly, she finds herself alone and intimate with him in the deserted crypt beneath the House of Commons. It’s a completely out of character moment of madness. Despite Yvonne’s expectations that she will never see Mark Costley again, their encounter builds to a passionate and all-consuming affair.

However, despite Yvonne’s careful plans to keep her career and home life separate, fantasy and reality soon start to overlap; finally everything she values is put at risk when a life-changing act of violence ultimately leads to a Crown Court trial…

Sundays at 8.30pm from June 11 on BBC First.

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