Airdate: Bent 101

Aussie showbiz faces Belinda Giblin, Lex Marinos & Maggie Blinco feature in a new comedy short, Bent 101 filmed in Sydney’s Inner West.

This is a crowd-funded comedy with 6 minute episodes, written by Jane Eakin (who also directs) and Shondelle Pratt, and produced by Image Fusion.

It becomes the first of its kind to enjoy a run on 7flix.

What’s that old saying? You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family!

Samantha Wright (played by Shondelle Pratt) is about to find out how true that is. After putting her faith and her money in the wrong man, Sammy is up to her eyeballs in debt, out of her apartment and out of luck.

But there’s a solution. Her wealthy grandma, Nana Smith, (Maggie Blinco) who needs help after a hospital visit. One good turn deserves another. If Sammy takes care of her Nan, she figures, her debts will be paid, and no one will be the wiser. Or will they?

Shondelle Pratt (Magical Tales, Man of La Mancha, Top Of The Lake -China Girl) leads an all-star cast including Lex Marinos (The Slap, The Last Days of Chez Nous, Bedevel), Maggie Blinco (Doctor Doctor, Rake, Crocodile Dundee 1&2, Cheek to Cheek,), Belinda Giblin (Home and Away, Sons and Daughters, Heartbreak High), Duncan Fellows (All Thumbs, Secret City, Laid) and Nat Jobe (The Lion King, West Side Story, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown).

“Bent101 is short form comedy series at its best. Not only is it a great comedy, filled with endearing and recognizable characters, it’s also a cracking good story that keeps you coming back for more,” says Eakin.

“We’re very excited to be sharing our original Aussie comedy,” added Pratt. “We’ve always been fascinated by themes of family relationships, love and the lengths you go to look after each other.

“This is a comedy with heart. It’s been a complete honour to work alongside acting legends Lex Marinos, Belinda Giblin and Maggie Blinco. They’re pure comedy gold.”

2pm Monday on 7flix

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