Airdate: Dr. Christian Will See You Now

Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Christian Jessen is coming to SBS -but why?

Dr Christian Jessen from Embarrassing Bodies fronts a new series Dr. Christian Will See You Now on SBS.

The 10 part UK series sees Dr. Jessen throw open the doors to a new, state-of-the-art clinic, although it isn’t readily clear how the show fits the SBS Charter when similar content is already available on commercial and Pay TV channels.

When health falters and medical problems arise, the impact can be dramatic – and can often have a devastating effect on the relationships of those suffering. This series captures the emotional consultations as Dr Christian treats people with a wide range of very personal medical conditions – from female balding to breast reductions – and addresses not only the issue, but the effect it has on sex and the patients’ relationships.

Episode One:
Dr Christian and his team of top in-house specialists are on hand to treat Ruby, who has stress related alopecia, and Yasmin, who desperately needs breast reduction surgery.

Monday, 29 May at 7.35pm on SBS.

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  1. David, this is the network that spent god knows how much of our money making something called Dating Naked ? What a ratings disaster that was. How did that fit the SBS charter?
    I don’t think the people who commission this crap have a clue what they are doing — although I must say they are particularly good at suckling from the public teat in positions they could not hope to replicate in the real world.Why are so many of the clueless people making these decisions imports from the UK ?
    Clean them out and start again I reckon.

    1. Not Dating Naked, it was Undressed. I agree it was not great TV, but it had multicultural and gay / straight participants… probably senior and disabled too, I tuned out so unsure. The answer to the UK import question is their limited funds. It is cheaper to acquire than produce.

      1. Not a criticism of you, but if their answer to that is it had gay and multicultural participants, whilst being shameless rubbish, then I think they need to reread their charter.

        1. Agree. I understand that they don’t have a lot of $ but that’s all the more reason not to waste it on sensationalist trash like Undressed.

          Back on topic, with regard to this show, I suspect that this is another example of where a previous series has rated reasonably well so SBS buys as much of the same genre as they can and promote it as being of the same calibre.

          In this case, the Michael Mosely series has been decent and has rated ok, so lately we’ve been fobbed off with every UK medical/health/fitness series that SBS could get their hands on.

          They did the same after The Killing and The Bridge, promoting a bunch of second tier dramas as top-shelf Scandi-noir. People aren’t that stupid. Not the ones who watch SBS anyway.

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