Airdate: Inside Windsor Castle

When is an HRH "lookalike" not a lookalike?

History channel screens a UK special, Inside Windsor Castle next month, which might have been good for historians were it not for the re-enactments it includes.

This screened on Channel 5 in January, but some viewers were unimpressed with the “lookalike” chosen to play Queen Elizabeth.

Uncover the scandals, triumphs and betrayals of the Royal family in this gripping new four-part series. Windsor Castle is the ultimate symbol of Royal might, grandeur and power, attracting tourists in their millions. But away from their prying eyes, the castle walls and turrets still guard the Royal family’s deepest secrets… Windsor Castle is far more than just a castle and a home: for nearly 1000 years it has been the stage on which some of the biggest names in British history have plotted, planned and executed their most controversial deeds.

The largest and longest-occupied inhabited castle in the world, Windsor has seen countless Royal births, deaths and marriages, and has withstood numerous sieges and battles. With gripping dramatic reconstructions, intimate interviews and revealing archive footage, Inside Windsor Castle exposes the truth about Britain’s most famous family.

Mondays from June 12 at 7.30pm on History.

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