Anthony LaPaglia features in UK drama Riviera

Anthony LaPaglia features in a new crime drama created by the acclaimed Neil Jordan.

Aussie Anthony LaPaglia is featuring in a new UK drama Riviera created by the acclaimed Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, The Borgias, Michael Collins).

The 10 part SKY Atlantic drama stars Julia Stiles as the newlywed wife of a billionaire who is killed in a yacht explosion. But she is shocked to discover the fortune and lifestyle he maintained was surrounded by violence, lies and murder.

“In Riviera, the fortune that maintains an immaculate, ever-so-tasteful lifestyle is revealed to be tainted with dishonesty, double-dealing, crime and, in the end, murder. So Riviera is, at its heart, a story of the genuinely filthy rich,” said Neil Jordan.

It also features Lena Olin and Iwan Rheon.

This premieres in the UK in mid June. No Australian broadcaster has yet been announced.

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Neil Jordan has created a world and characters that are immediately arresting. From an original idea by Paul McGuinness, we are allowed access to an intriguing, vibrant world few have the privilege to see. This world is brought to life by a world-class array of acting talent including Julia Stiles, Iwan Rheon, Lena Olin, Phil Davis and Adrian Lester, to name just a few. And with impressive visual style from award-winning directors led by Philipp Kadelbach, it really has been a remarkable journey, resulting in a truly special drama of scale and ambition.

Set against an awe-inspiring backdrop, the series is part compelling family drama, part thrilling crime series. Julia Stiles plays Georgina Clios, the smart and resourceful second wife of a billionaire banker who dies in a yacht explosion – a catastrophe that sets in motion a dramatic chain of events that exposes the darker flipside to the Riviera’s glitz and glamour.

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