Cameras roll on Australian Survivor S2

Production on the second season of Australian Survivor is underway in Samoa.

TEN is teasing its next batch of contestants from over 20,000 applicants: a former special operations commander, an endurance athlete, a marriage celebrant, an Olympian, a doctor, an adventure guide, a plumber and an international poker player.

Jonathan LaPaglia returns as host for the series shooting over 55 days once again -16 more than the US series.

It airs on TEN later this year.


  1. I enjoyed this last US version, but found myself longing for the more straightforward editing of the Aus version. So many tribals (in the US) resulted in an elimination that was so contrary to the editing, that I started to think “why bother?” trying to follow the game play. At least in the Aus version we will be able to follow the logic. Looking forward to the new season.

  2. The last US Survivor was great but seemed rushed in the second last episode where two tribals happened in the one episode. Can’t wait for Aus Survivor and the next US Surivivor where it will be great to see new people. I just hope they keep Aus Survivor to no more than twice a week so it can run longer in terms of the number of weeks on TV.

  3. I love Survivor and the latest US series was amazing. Hopefully the Australian contestants have learnt from the previous one and know how to play. Last season Kristie won by default (apart from the final challenge) because most of the contestants like Lee were as boring as bat-poo and didn’t know how to strategise. Genuine gameplayers like Phoebe and Nick were voted out fairly early and consequently most of the tribals were very predictable.

  4. Survivor is a fine program – but I think this might be the root of 10s problems. They buy really expensive shows like Survivor, Shark Tank, Spelling Bee and Biggest Loser – they look glossy but never quite deliver in the ratings. The return on investment is pretty bad.

  5. It has become my favorite format of the show. I really didn’t like this last season of american Survivor and NZ survivor is truly urgh, the only thing i can say for it, it’s super diverse and they’re not eliminating minorities first which are always some of the problems on this show.

    I hope it’s even better than the first season. It was so refreshing even with the longer episodes. (Hopefully no redemption island, that’s what NZ chose)

    • I was worried it was too long, but I found the more it went on the better it got and recall quite a few saying the same. I think one US podcast suggested it was even a better format. Maybe they just got lucky. Time will tell I guess.

      • Yeah, I was definitely one who was decrying the length but by the halfway point, it became absolutely compulsive viewing and the finale was just phenomenally executed. I was hoping S2 wouldn’t be 55 days too, but I’ll be in it for the long haul regardless.

    • I agree, 55 days is too long as is showing multiple long episodes in a week. The last series of Survivor USA was one of the best I’ve seen, it keeps your attention the whole time. The weekly one hour episode format reminds me of a sales pitch used on an record album many years ago ‘all killer and no filler’, whereas Australian Survivor is full of ‘filler’. I won’t be giving Australian Survivor a go this year, but I’m already looking forward to the next USA season.

  6. I’ve heard a few whispers that a lot of strategising has taken place very early by majority of contestants. Also Samoa has endured a lot of rainfall requiring experts to come in and speak with the contestants on how to survive the weather. Interesting season ahead!

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