Captain Pugwash, the movie.

Hands up who is old enough to remember Captain Pugwash?

The animated series is getting a live action movie.

Created by John Ryan, Captain Pugwash first appeared as a comic strip in 1950, before becoming a series of short black-and-white cartoons, which ran in the UK from 1957-66.
They became famous for their simple sets, with cardboard puppet characters controlled by levers.

A later colour series ran from 1974–75, and a traditional animation, The Adventures of Captain Pugwash appeared in 1998.

Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost will play the title role as he sails a ship to Botany Bay, where he eventually finds himself at the helm of The Black Pig on a mission to rescue Tom the Cabin Boy’s father, who is marooned on a volcanic island.

Bit of dramatic license no doubt…!

Source: BBC


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