Corby gives Australian media the slip

Schapelle Corby gave Australian media the slip by changing flights at the last minute in Denpassar, last night.

Corby, her sister Mercedes and bodyguard switched from seats booked on a Virgin flight to Brisbane to Malaysia’s Malindo Air.

But more than 40 members of the Australian media were booked on the Virgin flight, hoping to accompany her home.

Virgin had been due to leave from Gate 6A and Malindo from 6B but they were changed, according to reports.

The switcheroo followed a day of media frenzy, including Live rolling coverage in Australia, of Corby leaving her Bali villa and signing at the Parole Board one last time. Despite assurances she would receive no special treatment, a convoy of armoured cars weaved their way through a media throng of photographers and cameras.

Corby stayed under a scarf and blanket throughout her ordeal, carrying a handbag with an image asking “Where is William Tyrell?” -a reference to missing NSW child. Mercedes Corby was filming the media on her phone from inside a van.

Corby already has over 67,000 followers on her new Instagram account.

The flight is expected to land in Brisbane at 5:40am today.

Photo: Instagram


  1. Maev....Sydney
    5 hours ago – Corby has amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers in 24 hours
    I just do not understand all the hysteria??

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