Erin Molan denies “defamatory” claims in Landry case

NRL Footy Show presenter Erin Molan has denied claims alleged in a Sydney court today that she had an intimate relationship with Anthony Bell, estranged husband of former Getaway presenter Kelly Landry.

Sydney’s Downing Centre court was told on today about a text message from Kelly Landry, saying “I know about Erin”.

But a statement from Nine says her name is being “unfairly dragged” into a messy marriage dispute.

“Erin’s relationship with Anthony Bell has only ever been strictly professional, both as a client and a crew member on Perpetual Loyal,” the statement said.

“Allegations to the contrary are false, offensive and defamatory.”

Sydney press has its gaze locked on the marital dispute between Landry and skipper/ accountant Bell (pictured) over an AVO application against him.

Landry presented on Getaway from 2008 – 2011.

Source: AAP/ Nine News

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