Eurovision 2017 Final: running order

Australia performs at #14 in the Eurovision Song Contest Final, one position later than Dami Im’s #13 in 2016.

At least we are not early on the night!

It likely means Isaiah will perform around 6am AEST on Sunday. Live voting will take place if you wish to vote for other countries, on Sunday morning.

TV Tonight will be publishing Live results.

The running order is:

1. Israel
2. Poland
3. Belarus
4. Austria
5. Armenia
6. The Netherlands
7. Moldova
8. Hungary
9. Italy
10. Denmark
11. Portugal
12. Azerbaijan
13. Croatia
14. Australia
15. Greece
16. Spain
17. Norway
18. United Kingdom
19. Cyprus
20. Romania
21. Germany
22. Ukraine
23. Belgium
24. Sweden
25. Bulgaria
26. France

5am AEST Sunday on SBS (live voting)
7:30pm primetime replay.


  1. I know that traditional lately that the United Kingdom gets a low vote, however wondering how those will go in light of the Brexit decision, will they be completely be shunned by other European countries votes or will it go the other way.

  2. The interval act is after all of the performances. We drew to be in the second half and producers wheeled him out as early as possible. Good draws for the UK, Sweden and Bulgaria. Italy drew the first half but still surprised they didn’t give it a later slot (don’t know why Croatia is 13). Of course all of this is over analysed insider BS – the best performance will win wherever it’s placed!

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