Eurovision 2017: Israel

Eurovision Semi Final Two: Israel
I Feel Alive

IMRI, 25, born and raised near Tel Aviv, won this year’s Rising Star singing competition TV show, and the ticket to represent Israel in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The young singer is already a veteran of the Eurovision stage, as a two-time backing vocalist, for both the “golden boy”, Nadav Guedj, in 2015 in Vienna, and the man “made of stars”, Hovi Star, in Stockholm in 2016.
Since a young age, IMRI has been singing professionally in many languages, including Spanish, English and Hebrew, and performed in dozens of concerts all around the world. In addition to singing, he also enjoys playing guitar and the piano, has studied acting and played in various Hebrew voice over roles in animated series. IMRI is currently a second-year Visual Communications bachelor’s degree student.

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