Eurovision dips on 2016 audience

Ratings: SBS enjoys a lift, but it couldn't match Dami Im's 2016 audience. Seven wins Sunday.

Eurovision was something of a disrupter to network audiences last night with its marathon broadcast on SBS keeping some viewers away from Sunday shows, including ABC.

But numbers for Isaiah’s performance were also down on Dami Im’s in 2016.

The show drew 308,000 primetime viewers and 148,000 for the Live morning broadcast. Last year those numbers averaged 407,000 / 302,000 with Dami Im’s votes keeping us on a knife-edge to the very end. Nevertheless SBS enjoyed a primetime boost on its usual Sunday numbers.

In Sunday reality battles The Voice won followed by House Rules and MasterChef. 

Seven network drew 28.7% then Nine 28.0%, TEN 17.9%, ABC 15.8% and SBS 9.6%.

Seven News (1.13m) was #1 for Seven then House Rules (927,000), Sunday Night (656,000) and The Suspects (446,000).

The Voice (1.11m) led for Nine then Nine News (1.02m) and 60 Minutes (705,000). A Black Power: America’s Armed Resistance doco drew 216,000.

MasterChef Australia topped TEN’s night with 734,000 followed by Bull (463,000), Modern Family (378,000), TEN Eyewitness News (310,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (295,000).

ABC News (665,000), Grantchester (646,000), Doctor Who (437,000) and DCI Banks (411,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS the Eurovision Song Contest drew 308,000 then Weatherwatch and Music (235,000) and SBS World News (185,000).

Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of multichannels with 182,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 14 May 2017.

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    1. I think it’s just the Sunday ep and probably because people don’t know what time it’s on, 2 weeks in a row now I missed most of it because I thought it started at 7.30! I haven’t seen 1 promo showing the Sunday time (which is different to weekday times)

      1. I forgot last week that it was on at 7, but remembered this week. Something TVT readers have said about 10 aligning with 7 & 9 on Sunday nights for a 7pm start, but viewers may not have caught on?

        Also, I am guessing HR has a reveal and maybe The Voice is a performance/elimination episode. Not sure, as I don’t watch either show. MC figures are higher from Monday. Noone is eliminated on Sunday nights, so viewers must just catch-up later or miss episode completely.

  1. My house didn’t get the SBS signal last night (Sydney inner west – probably an area with higher than average SBS viewers).

    Eurovision isn’t the same without Julia Zemiro hosting.

    1. Pleased that Portugal won – something different at least. Sadly though, not nearly enough kitsch again this year…
      Yes, I really miss Julia and Sam.
      Seems many others do as well, judging by the mainly negative comments on the SBS Eurovision facebook site regarding the new hosts.
      I know it’s a hard act to follow but it appears many viewers found Myf and Joel very “flat” and not entertaining at all. They seemed to be struggling big time to encapture any of the playfulness and spirit of Eurovision.
      A shame, as I have enjoyed Myf in her past endeavours. Joel is just plain obnoxious and annoying.
      Think Myf would have much been better paired with someone else.
      Wonder if they will return as SBS hosts next year?

        1. Yeah, Julia would be hilarious.
          But I know a lot of viewers can’t stand her hosting Celeb.
          People seem to either love her or hate her – definitely an acquired taste.
          Judith Lucy would be great as well – love her sarcasm.

      1. Even comparing the 1st semi final with the grand final there was definite improvement with Myf and Joel, so I think there’s an element of nerves and just settling in to the gig. Even Julia and Sam I think took a year or two to get a proper chemistry going. So I hope Myf and Joel get another go.

        Interesting, though, that SBS’s post-Eurovision viewer survey (through SBS’s The Exchange forum) asks how we felt about the Eurovision hosts… Joel Creasey, Myf Warhurst, and Toby Truslove! Must have blinked and not seen him?!?

  2. A shame to see Eurovision’s numbers dip – for both live and the repeat.
    The 235k watching the 5 minute show “Weatherwatch” on SBS would be roughly when the winner was announced.

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