Family Feud: Star Wars episode

As previously tipped, Family Feud will screen a special Star Wars episode this Thursday, May the 4th.

It was filmed two weeks ago following Grant Denyer’s motoring accident (as denoted by a broken finger).

The episode is a tie-in with the release of a Family Feud Star Wars board game through FremantleMedia.

Featuring two teams of diehard Star Wars fans and an audience dressed up as their favourite Star Wars characters, host Grant Denyer will lead the charge.

Team Star Walking are all members of the longest running Star Wars fan club in the world. Team captain Chris has the second floor of his house just for his Star Wars collection. And he has had lunch with George Lucas.

On the opposing side is team Jedi Tights. This energetic team is made up of four male members of the Australian Ballet and a love of Star Wars cemented their friendship and gets them through the rigoUrs of the ballet world.

The winning team will win the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland California which includes a special Star Wars experience, plus the chance to win $10,000 spending money in Fast Money.

6pm Thursday on TEN.


  1. WIll no longer watch this show after the episode about Port Arthur Massacre, murder on a Family Show was enough to turn my family away from this show

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