Homer Simpson inducted into baseball Hall of Fame

The Capital City Goofball would be proud….

Homer J. Simpson has been officially inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the US.

The character was inducted on the weekend while opening a Simpsons exhibit in their museum.

In a prepared statement Homer said, “My record for eating hot dogs will never be broken. I’ve been a fan for 40 years, which is how long some games take. And I can’t wait for the ceremony in Canton, Ohio.”

The event marked the ‘Homer at the Bat’ episode’s 25th anniversary which famously included the voices of professional baseball players Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Jr., Steve Sax, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, José Canseco, Darryl Strawberry, Ken Griffey and Mike Scioscia.

Executive producer Al Jean said, “At the time I was even shocked that we were able to get nine current major leaguers, including three that are now in the Hall of Fame, and maybe more to come. Everything with The Simpsons has just been so beyond my wildest dreams, and this is a great example of it.”

Source: EW


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