Networks stop publishing separate ad revenue

Seven, Nine and TEN are no longer releasing data which outlines their individual advertising revenues.

The data has traditionally been released every six months through FreeTV Australia, breaking down states and network numbers.

But as Mumbrella notes, this year the data did not emerge at the normal time.

Instead new marketing body Think TV chaired by Russel Howcroft is releasing a Total TV metric which includes metropolitan and regional revenues from Nine, Seven and TEN, as well as MCN / Foxtel and SBS plus long-form AVOD (advertising-funded video on demand) calculated using figures compiled by KPMG.

Because the new number includes Foxtel, it means there is no longer a straightforward benchmark of how the free to air networks are travelling.

In February Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV said, “We have come together through an unprecedented collaboration between free-to-air and subscription TV and we are delighted that all commercial TV operators, including SBS, have provided their data to allow us to reflect the true scale of advertising on TV.

“Today’s TV is multi-platform, everywhere, anytime and retains unbeatable reach and scale. TV’s premium content makes it the most brand-safe environment for advertisers, its independent third-party ratings system is the gold-standard for audience measurement and repeated studies show that TV delivers a better return-on-investment for brands than any other media.”

The Total TV metric uses figures compiled by KPMG from information supplied by each participant.


    • Once a year they have to tell their shareholders and the taxman. Throughout the year there are “guidance” reports to the ASX when there’s a dramatic shift in their finances. A back-of-the-envelope figure would be last year -5%. Leaks are not unknown in the industry especially when re-negotiating bank loans.

  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Instead of 5 cute little bunnies, Portrate waves his hands, reaches into his hat, and pulls out a single large rabbit. “Look at the size of that, everybody!”, he says, “That’s really big. No, really – it is!”.

    Of course, the rabbit has calicivirus but Portrate and all of the TV children are in denial.

  2. eastwest101

    Classic case of when you are failing in all your KPI’s – just reinvent and redefine your KPI’s so you can’t be compared to previous performance.

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