Networks yet to sign for Corby interview

ACA was reportedly approached by Mercedes Corby to discuss an interview with Schapelle but declined the meeting.

The media circus around Schapelle Corby has intensified in Bali ahead of her expected arrival home tomorrow.

So far a tell-all TV interview is yet to be confirmed.

Nine’s A Current Affair was reportedly approached by Mercedes Corby to canvas interest in an interview with her sister two weeks ago but the network declined the meeting.

News Corp reports Grant Williams, Nine’s deputy director of news and current affairs said the Commonwealth proceeds of crime act trick-wired any TV contract.

“Everyone always eggs you on to throw the first punch but once you do, they’re the first ones to run to the headmaster about it,” he said, adding “we can live without that headache.”

Corby’s homecoming package was originally rumoured to have a $400k asking price, but when TV networks weren’t prepared to pay, the deal was broken into smaller pieces and magazines were offered exclusive photos of Schapelle on her plane trip home for an estimated $15k.

Corby has not emerged from her Bali villa for a week. The Guardian notes that for the past fortnight, Australian media crews have been waiting outside the small villa. Mercedes left a note on the gate demanding they “stop invading our privacy – Immigration have been notified with footage of you putting the go-pro over our fence and cameras over the fence. SO RUDE!!”

ABC News has been told Corby will need to sign formal documentation before being taken to the airport and into immigration detention and a holding room.

She will then board a flight, likely to Brisbane.

Protection has been ordered by Bali’s police chief to ensure a safe deportation.

Image: Seven

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  1. Bulldust noone has signed the drug smugger ip, how else can she and her mates fly back 1st class,avoid normal customs exits,hire security vans,stay in a luxury hotel?,the joke is on all the people who will be watching the tell all?….?

  2. I thought that there were laws stating that media outlets couldn’t pay convicted criminals for their stories (“The Derryn Hinch laws”). I’m pretty sure that when David Hicks came back to Australia, TV networks were forbidden from talking with him or doing stories about him.

  3. she is a convicted criminal and I for one won’t be watching. I don’t care what happened….there was a trial and she was found guilty. Why should she get money from being a criminal??

  4. Suddenly everyone has seemed to forget about cassie.

    We all know a media deal will happen but let her get home and settle back into the real world. I just hope her family do the right thing and the best for her. Instead of trying to make a lot of money out of her.

  5. Not interested and the tv shows/journalists should be ashamed of themselves trying to promote a convicted drug dealer…..sends a very bad signal to kids about what gets you fortune and fame.

  6. I feel sorry for her! Mercedes comes off as very selfish, she has manipulated tv networks in the past and then when she is not getting paid anything she won’t talk. I actually think Schschapelle’s family has done more damage to her character than what she has done herself and all these people on their high horses! it was only weed! you are acting like it was ice or something

    1. it doesn’t matter what we judge about what sort of drugs they were, the law in the country was known to be harsh & if it was deliberate smuggling it was extremely stupid, should we feel sorry for people who take such risks?

  7. It will be a disgrace if one of the free to air channels have signed a exclusive deal with the corby’s for a tell all interview, she(Schapelle) is a criminal. Criminals do not deserve to earn money from what they have done(commiting crimes), and so Schapelle should come home and pretty much get on with her life without making a cent from it. I for one will not be watching any interview(If she has organised one) if and when it occurs, I have a feeling alot of people feel the same way.

  8. I have been half expecting Michael Willesee on Sunday to pop up with the exclusive. They are all staying very quiet except for Mum having a little bit of an interview the other day on the news so I reckon someone must be paying them something.

  9. she shouldn’t be allowed to do any interviews at all, she is a convicted drug smuggler getting a heroes welcome back to Australia. She isn’t an athlete that won gold at the Olympics.

    it’s bad enough one morning program is singing songs about her, this is absolute bs.

      1. Exactly, the Indonesian justice is corrupt. They didn’t fingerprint the drugs at the airport & all the police & customs officers were all handling the drugs & passing them among themselves without gloves. I for one am very interested in her version of events. She hasn’t been able to do so as she couldn’t jeopardise her parole by ‘lying’.

  10. This story has been dormant for a while and suddenly it is front page news again, whether she is innocent or guilty she has served her time for that crime so just let her get her life back on track again and with regards to the family wanting more money for a story that I think everyone knows about don’t think they should be paid anything, just my opinion.

  11. The way the networks are carrying on over her arrival home is ridiculous. They breathlessly talk about the “media circus” surrounding her return, like they are at arms length from it. And then in the next breath they promote their live coverage of her landing back in Australia tomorrow morning. Don’t they realise that they are driving this “interest” with their stupid round the clock commentary?

    1. i don’t exactly feel sorry for her if she was guilty, but i do feel sorry for her having family like that who would sell her story. Ithink she would be in quite a vulnerable state of mind & not one where she can really make decisions for herself.
      Mercedes seems to be calling the shots even if its not exactly in Schappelle’s best interests. Then again, the media are going to chase her regardless so i suppose if they do a deal they will leave her alone, a little bit anyway.

  12. From afar it looks to me that Corby has mental health problems, but the actions of her family seem to paint a different picture.

    If she does have a possible mental heath problem, then what is the obligation of news media organisations to harass her by intruding into her personal space?

    1. They were all on the expected Virgin flight and she was swapped onto a Malindo Air flight,what a laugh.As for the TV coverage,what a load of nonsense just to make MediaWatch content.

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