No jail for Eurovision flasher

Eurovision prankster Vitaly Sedyuk, who flashed his backside whilst draped in an Australian flag in Kyiv, has received his punishment from Ukrainian authorities.

Sedyuk was arrested and placed in custody for 72 hours, facing up to five years in prison. But he ended up having to surrender his passport and report to the police if he changes residence.

If he does not follow his conditions his sentence could be changed.

“I have nothing against (interval act) Jamala. The singer is one of the few who spoke on a small stage, I was just nearby,” he said.

Sedyuk had previously gained worldwide attention with stunts including trying to kiss actor Will Smith at a 2012 film premiere in Moscow and grabbing the microphone from British singer Adele as she accepted an award at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

He also confessed during a hearing that he was able to gain access to the venue without a ticket or accreditation pass.

“I used it already did in 2014 in Los Angeles, where no ticket and no accreditation I went inside and I even managed to get on stage. This time I managed to do the same. Here I also came without invitation, without accreditation and could reach the scene. And in America, I just went on stage, but this time I wanted to do something that would be remembered. I am proud of that,” he said.

Source: Eurovisionary


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