NSW push for Logies

And in one of the more bizarre news posts since April Fool’s Day….

Destination NSW has lodged an expression of interest for the Logie Awards to be held in NSW regions between 2018 and 2020.

“We’re proposing to take the glitz and glamour of the Logies beyond the fringes of the city and out to Tamworth in 2018 and then potentially Dubbo and Albury in 2019 and 2020,” Tourism Minister Adam Marshall told The Daily Telegraph.

The wild suggestion follows a joke campaign last year started by showbiz journo Peter Ford that any move north “…all comes down to costs & underwriting. They’d be at Dubbo RSL if they put up the money.”

Dubbo RSL and local radio station StarFM got behind a cheeky #BringTheLogiestoDubbo campaign.

“The impact of hosting an event of this stature in regional NSW cannot be overlooked and this is no ambit claim — we’ve done our homework and taking the Logies to the bush represents more than double the value of hosting them in Sydney,” said Marshall.

But while the move rests with TV Week and Bauer Media, any push to regions is likely to be met with some resistance by TV networks, who already face big expenses to relocate talent even for Melbourne or Sydney events.


  1. Oh, I see it’s a politician seeking the limelight and calling for the rural locations – like they’ve got a grip on reality. Will. never. happen.

  2. As preposterous as it would no doubt be to move an industry award show to any town with virtually no connection to that industry, I still can’t help feeling that Dubbo is somehow the right place for the Logies.

  3. Destination NSW the RSL should cuddle up to Barnaby Joyce on this issue. I’m sure he’d be on board with decentralising the Logies from Sydbournberra, though he’d probably want at least the first one to be held in Armidale…

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