Oops. “ABC accidentally commissions wrong show!”

“ABC accidentally commissions wrong show!” declared an ABC press release, in what appeared to be a Publicity attempt at humour.

It’s the kind of thing those Chaser boys do all the time, and do it so well.

“ABC bosses put pen to paper this week commissioning a series entitled Fever Pitch first thought to be a 12-part medical drama about a feisty but flawed contagious diseases expert, Professor Pamela Pitch (played by Claudia Karvan).

“The programming decision considered a ‘no-brainer’ soon became a massive ‘brain-ache’ for the ABC executive who inadvertently signed along the wrong dotted line. It seems that the ABC are about to spend an exorbitant amount of taxpayers money on an untried, untested and possibly unwatchable panel-style entertainment / comedy show based loosely around sport.”

But did ABC execs fail to see the funny side of the release which was clearly having a sly dig at Newton’s Law? Not long after sending the email, a link to a full release was not working.

Instead a new press release for the same show was issued -this time without all the mirth:

Olympic champion and media all-rounder Nicole Livingstone and comedian Tegan Higginbotham have joined forces on Fever Pitch, a new one-hour live comedy sport panel show which will premiere on Friday, June 30 at 6pm (AEST) on ABC and ABC iview.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience in Melbourne, Nicole and Tegan will be joined by a regular team of athletes and comedians including former ABC ME star Amberley Lobo, comedian Dave Thornton and Paralympic champion Dylan Alcott to look at the world of sport from all angles.

Each show will feature guest interviews, field stories, comedy sketches and studio games.

Tegan is also one of the panellists on tonight’s pre-game coverage of the Liverpool FC v Sydney FC match screening live on ABC2 and iview at 7.30pm (AEST).

Fever Pitch will air live on Friday nights at 6pm (AEST) on ABC and iview from Friday, June 30th.

When TV Tonight asked if someone in management had kiboshed the first release, ABC wasn’t in any hurry to respond…


  1. How is it a sly dig at newtons law? It’s not a medical drama.

    Any news on newtons law getting a second season? I liked it a lot but sadly don’t think it will see a season two.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    i for one will watch this show, i always love sports panel and discussion shows. whether they be serious or funny. I saw Tegan on a FOX Footy special about the best goals of all time, she was great in that funny and enjoyed that role. I think she will enjoy this one. as for the blunder at the ABC well its not big deal, networks make mistakes all the time. although recently ABC has been talked about more urgently then usual hmm.

    • If producers realise that there are sports other than AFL, then it may well work. Mind you, sports shows produced in Melbourne rarely realise this.

        • True, but that’s a show specifically about football (or soccer as it’s called in Victoria). General sports shows, such as Offsiders tend to be very AFL-centric. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but such shows rate poorly in NSW & Qld. Look at the ratings of The Warriors ( a sports drama set in the world of AFL).

  3. A panel show about sport in a sport obsessed nation should be a sure-fire hit on an outlet that soon hopes to control all TV sport, PayTV. Leave the absurd program descriptions to Shaun Micallef.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Sorry to say that I agree with other comments. The Syd v Liv pre-game was so woeful that I didn’t just mute it, I turned it off. Suspect that they’re trying to piggy-back on the successful launch of the Women’s AFL but I very much doubt that it’ll get anywhere near the numbers that Grand Design is currently pulling.

    Also think ABC mgt are being a little precious about something as by-the-numbers as Newton’s Bore.

  5. The first press release seemed about right. Another ABC panel show/sports show, which ultimately will be only about AFL – a complete waste of money.

  6. If last nights pre/post/half time effort of Liverpool vs Sydney is an indication of where ABC are going with this then it’ll be getting a wide berth……

  7. >> Tegan is also one of the panellists on tonight’s pre-game coverage of the Liverpool FC v Sydney FC match

    And wasn’t that well-recieved? On the strength of the pre-game, I suspect Fever Pitch will be shown the red card by viewers.

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