Portugal yet to decide host city for Eurovision 2018

The host city for Eurovision 2018 is unconfirmed despite earlier reports that Lisbon would be the destination.

Director of (broadcaster) RTP Programs Daniel Duesdado has said, “Let’s look at the map of Portugal. We took the first step of surveying facilities in Portugal that could host this event.”

The cities of Faro, Feira and Guimarães have openly expressed interest, but it’s unclear if they have the ten thousand hotel rooms required to host the event. Porto has ruled themselves out if the city is expected to pay a significant part of the expected budget of 30 million euros.

But the indoor MEO Arena (pictured) puts Lisbon as the front-runner with a capacity of 20,000. The next biggest venue, Pavilhão Rosa Mota, only sports a capacity of 5,400 spectators.

2018 will mark the first time Eurovision has been held in Portugal, which returned to the contest after a year’s absence.

It’s yet to be confirmed if Australia will compete ….but you can put money on it.

Source: Eurovisionary

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