Princess Pictures developing comedies from South Australia

3 new projects optioned by prdn co. to receive development funding from the SAFC.

Princess Pictures (Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes, It’s a Date, Open Slather, My Year 12 Life) has optioned three projects from South Australian writers following a seminar and pitching session.

Eight writers attended a seminar in February and met with Princess Pictures executives Paul Walton (Partner  / Producer) and Dave Dellar (Producer).

The three projects optioned were:

* Blazer 420 from writer Victoria Morgan. Uber smart and sassy Sophie tries to right the wrongs of the stoner world.
* Gravity Boots from writers James Lloyd-Smith and Michael Clegett. Five young teenagers, The Curious Five, learn about a new subject every week.
* Knockers from Producer: Alex Doering Exec. Prod: James Roberts. Writers: Liam Thorpe, Jason Fischer. Knockers follows the lives of a pair of door to door salespeople.

All three projects will receive development funding from the SAFC.

CEO of the South Australian Film Corporation Annabelle Sheehan said “The Princess Pictures Comedy Day was an incredibly successful initiative for the writers of South Australia, and one the SAFC was proud to present. This industry session brought applications from 13 writers who have not previously applied for this kind of opportunity. I am excited to see the partnership with Princess Pictures unearth some fantastic new comedy talent in the State.”

Princess Pictures Executive Paul Walton said “The SAFC workshop was a great opportunity for Princess Pictures to connect to projects and creators that had to date been unaware of. We were impressed by the number of projects pitched and the diverse spectrum of comedy that they represented. I am personally looking forward to working on these projects and developing a relationship with South Australian talent.”

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