Returning: Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

Season 3 of UK panel show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo returns to UK TV in June.

This aired in the UK in 2015.

Host Lee Mack is joined by celebrity contestants including Ross Kemp, Rob Brydon and Noel Fielding, as they compete against each other by presenting their best-known facts, attempting to prove they are true by any means possible.

In this new series, we learn how dancing improves problem-solving, why people who swear have a bigger vocabulary and why you are more likely to agree to carry out a favour when asked in your right ear.

As well as eliciting amazing trivia from his studio audience, Lee acts the ‘guinea pig’ in many of the show’s wacky experiments while also battling to maintain control over his riotous panellists!

Sundays at 7.30pm from June 11 on UKTV.


  1. This show was airing on one of the Free channels a month or so ago (one of the SBS’s or ABC’s). Any word if it will air on them again???

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