Returning: Here Come the Habibs

As tipped, Here Come the Habibs returns for a second series following True Story with Hamish & Andy in a comedy block next month.

That boosts it to a much earlier timeslot than Season One, from 8pm Monday, June 5.

True Story is expected to run as 2 x 5 episode blocks, so it’s unclear if Habibs will follow suit.

The O’Neill business empire, Bonza Biscuits, has been beleaguered by “Anzaclava-gate”, which leaves Jack (Darren Gilshenan) and wife Olivia (Helen Dallimore) unable to pay rent to their all-time rivals, the Habibs, who purchased their home, much to the annoyance of Olivia.

In episode one, Toufic (Sam Alhaje) has returned from Lebanon, where he hiked the Chouf Mountains like his father, and has finally become a man. The O’Neills, after many late rent payments, are minutes away from departing on their New York trip to reignite Bonza Biscuits when a suspected Ebola outbreak ruins their plans and keeps both families quarantined in the Habibs’ home for 21 days.

Meanwhile, love is still in the air for Elias (Tyler De Nawi) and Maddie (Georgia Flood), with both too scared to tell their respective parents of their blossoming relationship, because they’re always at war.

Throughout the series, Toufic (Sam Alhaje) puts his brains before his looks, continuing to come up with more crazy ideas to grab the attention of everyday Aussies and turn into the celebrity he knows he deserves to be. The Fundertakers is one new idea he concocts with Jahesh (Rob Shehadie) – putting the fun back into funerals – along with Wog-a-Long, an ethnic rent-a-friend service.

In this series, Here Come the Habibs will also see a kidney failure diagnosis, marriage proposals, a documentary on racism, and even the possibility of a truce.

Here Come the Habibs is produced by Jungle and Ronde for the Nine Network and based on an original concept by Rob Shehadie and Tahir Bilgic with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I love this….there really are people like this out there….and I love all our differences….I do not fit a mould either….*G*….

  2. Thanks David,

    I find it intriguing that both Habibs and Wanted were early successes Feb 2016, but have had a later launch in 2017!? I thought building loyalty with viewers would benefit from consistency.
    Hope the earlier timeslot helps Habibs

    • Productions often move in a calendar year. There are many moving parts: available cast, scripting, other shows, funding. The bigger question is usually changing timeslots (and / or nights), but a promotion to 8pm is a positive. Nine is looking to give it a strong lead in to assist its longevity. Comedy block makes sense to me, the only lingering question is whether it will have to be split over the year with H&A.

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