Returning: How to Get Away with Murder

Good news for fans awaiting How to Get Away with Murder which returns to 7flix later this month.

It picks up from Season 3 Episode 5: “It’s About Frank”

This aired in the US in October.

The mystery behind the Annalise “killer” flyers takes a surprising twist. Meanwhile, Frank’s troubled past is exposed and a shocking new discovery changes everything about the night of the fire.

10:30pm Monday 29 May on 7flix.


  1. I really wish these shows could just be released to DVD. The free to air channels do nothing but screw viewers around with timeslots and channel changes.

    • Hilarious! So true. I have pretty much forgotten where we were up to! I am sick and tired 7s treatment of shows. I don’t think they have one drama in primetime on their main channel at the moment. 9 has Love Child (but not sure what else), ABC has Seven Types of Ambiguity and lots of UK dramas and 10 despite poor ratings for most of their dramas perseveres with them (Homeland, This Is Us, Madam Secretary etc.). 7 has filled their main channel with reality after reality and puts their dramas on at ridiculous times on 7Flix (and not consistently either). I used to be a loyal 7 fan for years….not any more. Gave up on Quantico and only just managing to keep up with Greys.

      Thanks David for always keeping us informed otherwise we would know nothing.

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