Sam Johnson’s Logie stolen ….thrown in bushes….

Where’s the respect?

Sam Johnson’s Silver Logie, which was on display in a Melbourne pub, was nicked by some dodgy characters and thrown into bushes at a nearby golf course.

But is has since been recovered.

Johnson’s Logie, won for his Molly performance, was on display at the Brunswick Hotel, to raise funds for the “Love Your Sister” charity.

“He was at the bar one minute, next minute he was gone. We made a few phone calls and he turned up at the police station safe and sound,” pub owner Richard Kruk told Nine News.

Johnson decided not to press charges against the two culprits.

Meanwhile this week Johnson’s sister Connie and her supporters raised more than $2.2m with a gigantic heart of 5c pieces in Canberra.  The event included a helping hand from the Royal Australian Mint.

TV Week was also one of the partners of the campaign.

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