Seven denies Dave Hughes dropped over CEO joke

Seven has denied suggestions that Dave Hughes as dropped from upcoming panel show Behave Yourself due to making jokes about CEO Tim Worner at the Logie Awards.

“I was meant to be on a Channel Seven show on the weekend and I got cancelled,” Hughes has told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s a new panel comedy show, they took me off, they decided they wouldn’t have me on, they obviously can’t take a joke,” he added. “I think Channel Seven should get a sense of humour basically.”

But a Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “This looks like the production company and Dave’s management got their wires crossed when trying to work out Dave’s availabilities.  We’ve been trying to get Dave on Channel 7 for years, and that door remains wide open.  He’s welcome here anytime his schedule is clear (in fact we’ll put the kettle on).

“I’ve never worked on Channel Seven and I probably never will,” Dave Hughes told the Logies audience last month.


  1. “I was meant to be on a Channel Seven show on the weekend and I got Cairn-sult…”

    Am I the only one who hears his annoying stage-voice when they read the quote?

  2. Who would have thought it! What at a ‘strange’ turn of events! It is an, errrrm, how shall we put this, a staggering ‘coincidence’ to say the least!

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