Survivor finale Live on 9GO!

9GO! has the Survivor finale today from 10am AEST.

Fans love it when these events are beamed Live into Australia (but it’s hell trying to avoid Spoilers at work).

Aubry, Tai, Culpepper, Sarah, Troyzane and Cirie are all up for the $1M (go Tai!).

“There is nothing like a live show. It’s electric,” Jeff Probst told the Hollywood Reporter.

“In the case of Survivor, I think the key to a successful live reunion show is just accepting the fact that you will never get to all the people and questions you have, given the time constraints,” he says.

“When you look at the 20 entertaining players from this season — and all the huge moments that happened —and you start doing the math it just doesn’t add up. Once you acknowledge that, you can have fun!”

The all-important Reunion where the winner is announced is at 12 midday AEST.

All three hours is repeated in primetime from 7:30pm. Good job!


  1. I actually sent a message to 9go thanking them for showing my favourite show live and I received a nice reply which made it worthwhile. I hope they don’t go back to late night for next season when the Aussie version may be clashing with it on 10.

  2. Thanks to your heads-up I was able to record the live broadcast and zip through the ads last night, David.
    I may say it every season, but this season really was the best to date. Those tribals alone were outstanding. The returning contestants were so well chosen, I was rueing the absence of Woo at the start, but soon fell completely in like with the machinations of Sarah.
    Really glad to see that next season has all new contestants for us to get to know, but I’m still hoping Woo will one day make a return!

      • I liked the chaos this season – it hasn’t happened at that scale before and just showed how unpredictable this level of gameplay has become. An absolute thrilling season from beginning to end bwith another well deserving winner. I think the Zeke / Varner conversation was handled nicely, too, right up until Varner ruined it by smugly pimping his book. That p***ed me off. Can’t wait for Australian Survivor now.

        • @ Mac, I liked the chaos at tribal too, no-one was prepared to lie down and take their fate, most fought it out to very the end. Seeing Jeff’s face the first time it happened was priceless, he looked like a proud dad. I do love the way this show just keeps evolving.

  3. This is one of the best seasons I can remember. When they bring back past contestants it sometimes fails, but this season the producers have been a lot smarter about it and picked ‘game players’, who for the most part have been very interesting to watch. I just hope we’ve seen the last of Debbie!

  4. “Go Tai”??? lol He is so frustrating to watch. As long as Culpepper doesn’t win I’ll be happy. I didn’t expect to enjoy this season as I prefer fresh contestants rather than the return of old ones. From the crazy lady to the ego maniacs it has been terrific viewing.

    • @ alfagirl – So glad the big bully did not win.
      @ Shiraz – Also hoping we’ve seen the last of ‘the crazy lady’. But agree, most of the returnees played a brilliant game.

  5. Good work by Nine. They won’t get any credit for it and it won’t reflect in the ratings but it’s a good gesture to the audience. Should be done more often with shows like this. Foxtel are pretty good with this kind of stuff by FTA usually lack way behind.

  6. I’m in Perth – just read this 30minutes into the broadcast so will record it at 7.30pm while we watch Masterchef.
    This season has been exceptional. They coulda gone one more episode before the finale though.

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