Talent shows lead the way in Diversity

I’ve noted in the past that Reality TV tends to bring more diversity to our screens than other genres, largely because they can by-pass more traditional casting methods, such as those used in Drama.

Reality still has its casting gatekeepers but they begin with an open invitation, especially when they have ‘cattle calls’ either at a venue or online.

Within Reality it is talent and cooking shows that put their best foot forward. Some producers have noted there is less diversity in applicants for renovation, while relationship shows are at risk of cookie-cutter ensembles.

Last night The Voice was a snapshot of just how diverse Reality can be when it wants to be.

Boy George’s team underwent a Knockout round with three of his contestants: Brittania, James & Hoseah, all fighting to remain in the show.

What struck me was the representation amongst this trio in religion, orientation and ethnicity.

18 year old Queenslander Brittania Clifford-Pugh is a practicing Muslim, 25 year old Queenslander James Banks is openly gay and has previously performed in drag as ‘Brook-LYN’, while 18 year old Victorian Hoseah Partsch has Samoan background, born in New Zealand.

It’s hard to tick many more boxes than this moment, and thankfully all three showed a flair for singing that rightly moved coach Kelly Rowland to tears.

And there ain’t no fakin’ that.


  1. Was watching Chef Line on SBS and thinking the same thing too. Great diversity in judging and in contestants. Really nice to see for a change.

  2. I think the diversity on the judging panel is also really great. And I’ve been loving the dynamic between Delta and Kelly – Jessie J was such a downer, it has been refreshing having Kelly’s warmth (tinged with a little edge) and genuine love of music come through.

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