Aaron ready for Aaron Chen Tonight

Rising comedian Aaron Chen may be getting his big chance at his own show on ABC2.

Chen, who has appeared as the sidekick on just 3 episodes of John Conway Tonight, could wind up as his replacement, after Conway’s sudden illness.

With 9 episodes still to be delivered for the production, Chen’s opportunity is not unlike the backstage tale of the understudy stepping in for the leading man at the last minute.

Producers GNW TV filmed a rehearsal with Chen on Thursday at Cafe Lounge and filming takes place tomorrow, requiring him to cancel a Sydney Comedy Festival show.

Chen, a Sydney-based comedian, was a RAW Comedy grand finalist and a Class Clowns winner. If all goes well Aaron Chen Tonight could be hitting our airwaves (as well as increasing ABC diversity on screen). Good luck Aaron!

Tomorrow night ABC2 replays a Wil Anderson special.

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